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ICES - Your J-1 Visa Sponsor for

International Interns and Trainees


Hosting international interns and trainees can bring an array of benefits to your company as well as provide an amazing opportunity for young professionals from around the world to learn about life and work in the United States. These programs offer great benefits to companies in the U.S. by providing work-based training in an eligible field, enabling candidates to enhance their skills and prepare for their future careers.


Some Other Benefits of Hosting

Why should your company host an international Intern or Trainee?

  • To help strengthen U.S. Foreign Relations by promoting cross-cultural understanding between the American people and people of other countries.
  • To increase diversity and to bring a new cultural aspect to the workplace.
  • To provide opportunities to improve cross-cultural communication skills.
  • To create an international hiring pool if your company has or plans to have international offices.
  • To increase knowledge of international markets and clients.
  • To build your company’s international credibility, brand, and reputation.
  • To give current employees a chance to test and grow their management/leadership skills while they mentor an Intern or Trainee.
  • To bring fresh perspective, energy, motivation, and excitement to your team.

To learn more about becoming a host company and to start accepting interns or trainees, please fill out the short form below and we will get back to you shortly with more information about the process.